Casio G-Shock GA-2100 “CasiOak” Review – The Watch Every Man Should Own

I got my first Casio way back when being a little kid.

I think everyone remembers owning a watch from Casio at least once in their lifetime.

And if you don’t, I suggest getting one for sure.

This Casio is not the first watch being added to my own collection. I have owned Seiko’s, Omega’s, Casio’s, a Squale and some other watches.

This Casio was a great addition tho since I didn’t own one for a while now.

Everyone recognizes the brand and their watches sell for a price so that everyone can afford one.

So, should you spend $100 on a Casio G-Shock?

Or is it better to get something else?

Maybe save that $100 for a more expensive watch?

Read on to find out.

The G-Shock Can Withstand Any Terrain

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Casio And Their History

The founders of Casio first never intended to make watches.

In 1946 Japan, Tadao Kashio started the company producing medical equipment.

He got company from his three brothers, who were experienced in the electronics sector.

In the 1950s, they became successful by creating the first electronic calculators from Japan.

This was a small calculator which was convenient to take around.

The first Casio watch hit the market in 1974; it was the world’s first electronic wristwatch.

The Casiotron sold out in a matter of days and became an icon.

The watch was innovative for the time and very stylish.

A small computer screen allowed the wearer to tell the time and date.

This technology was groundbreaking in the 70s.

The Four Kashito Brothers

Ten years later, Casio launched a new watch that would become an icon in today’s society.

The Casio G-Shock was born.

It is a robust yet technologically refined watch that can survive almost anything that hits it.

This is why men started to love the watch.

They could wear it daily for years without it ever breaking, and all of that for $100.

Being 44mm in size the watch was too big for the ladies.

But Casio didn’t forget about them.

Producing other models in 20mm to 40mm, Casio offered a watch for everyone.

When the Kashio brothers found the company, they would have never imagined that their watches would become so iconic in our society.

Their idea was to create products that would take away the amount of work and better the quality of life.

So because of their calculators, we don’t need to do the math.

Because of their watches, everyone can obtain a good quality timepiece.

Features Of The G-Shock GA-2100

The features list of the CasiOak is not that long, but considering that you’re only paying $100 for it.

Casio gives you a really good package here. 

The G-Shock GA-2100 comes with a 44mm carbon-reinforced resin case.

Inside we find a quartz movement with a battery that can last you 3 years.

Protecting the dial is done by a mineral glass which can withstand all scratches, and it makes it waterproof up to 200m (20bar).

You can put the watch on your wrist with the resin band, making it easy to put it around your wetsuit.

A LED light is used to illuminate the watch’s face. Also, the hour and minute markers are luminous.

On the watch face, we find a lot of features such as a world time function which displays the current time in major cities, and an automatic calendar with date, day and month showing.

A stopwatch and timer function can measure time and set it up for 24 hours.

The G-shock lets you configure 5 different alarms so you will never forget recurring events.

A hand moving function helps you check the screen whenever the watch hands are in its way.

You can get the CasiOak in a variety of 16 different colour combinations.

I picked the transparent watch, but I gotta say the black on black also looks killer. 

It also comes with a 2-year warranty. Check the Casio website here, to see what is covered.

Inside The Box

Again for the money, you are spending on this watch you don’t expect a big box made out of piano wood.

But I have gotta say I was surprised about the packaging of this watch.

It comes in a paper box, where inside we find the warranty card and user manual.

Underneath that we find a can, yes I will call it a can.

Inside this can we spot a white bag which contains the G-Shock.

For a clear view of what is inside the box, I added a short video which contains me unboxing the watch. (This is without a commentary)

The CasiOak On My Wrist

I wore the Casio G-Shock for 2 weeks on my own wrist to get a good feeling about the watch.

Although looking quite big, the watch just weighs 50gr which is not much compared to an Omega Speedmaster which weighs 136gr.

So it being light as a feather it is very nice to wear.

Using the resin band you can adjust it to fit your wrist perfectly without having to hurt yourself all day cause of a too-tight strap.

The CasiOak On My Own Wrist

It is easy to check the time on the watch using both the regular watch hands or the time which you can have displayed on the screen.

I myself prefer checking the time with the regular hands, so most of the time I didn’t really bother checking the screen except for the date.

This was made easier with the day function which is located at the 9-hour mark.

I did check the screen when I had to set an alarm tho.

I used this function when I had to keep track of people’s results every hour.

I had to fill these in exactly at 12:00, 13:00 and that throughout the day.

So I set the alarm on the watch to warn me one minute before I had to fill in the results.

This was very convenient.

Being a fan of “dress” shirts I found it quite hard to fit a watch which is 12mm thick together with my favourite shirts.

I managed to work it out by pulling up my sleeves until they were above my wrists.

The moments I wore something else like a polo, I enjoyed wearing the Casio.

So unless you’re being dressed in a dress shirt, there is no hesitation that this G-Shock is a perfect watch for any other fit.

My Overal Experience, Is A G-Shock GA-2100 Any Good?

I said it once and I am gonna say it again.

A Casio is the best watch you can purchase for its price.

This is the same for the G-Shock GA-2100.

There is just no other watch that can compete with this.

Not only are you getting a really good and durable timepiece from Casio.

You are also getting something that no other watch brands have at this price point, and that is heritage.

Casio watches have become so iconic in our society, that they have progressed into something everyone knows, remembers and respects.

I really enjoyed wearing the watch.

Take it out to the beach, and wear it while playing with my dog.

I didn’t worry about scratches or other damage because I knew the watch is durable as rocks.

And if by any chance it would break, well I think a new one is as cheap as repairing the old one.

So if you still wanna get yourself a Casio G-Shock GA-2100, check out this deal on Amazon.

I really recommend the watch.


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