How Many Watches Should A Person Have?

That’s not an easy question to answer. We have to think about a lot of things when asking how many watches you should own.

In this post, I will guide you through the things you need to know before putting a number on the number of watches a person should have.

Six watches that are in my collection

Occasions Were You Need A Watch For

There are some occasions you want a watch for.

First, you want a watch to wear every day with every outfit you can imagine.

This is what I will call your “daily”. The daily needs to be something that fits it all.

Here you can think of something like a Rolex Submariner, Rolex DateJust, Omega Speedmaster, Cartier Santos.

Get the daily in steel, that way your watch will be more compatible with all your outfits.

Second, you want yourself a watch for special occasions.

Think of a wedding or fancy party, for these days you need a “dress” watch.

The dress watch needs to be a smaller watch that will fit under your suit or dress shirt.

For the dress watch, you can imagine an Omega Constellation, a Patek Philippe Calatrava, or a Cartier Tank.

The watch should be worn on a leather strap.

The third category I have for my watches is the activities or sports watch.

Here you need something that’s waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Because you want to wear this watch when doing activities it’s gonna get the beating.

For the sports watch think of any diver watch, Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster, Tudor Pelagos, or a Tag Heuer Aquaracer.

Of course, you can imagine more occasions to have a watch for but these three are the ones for me.

Types Of Watches

We put our watches in categories, these are the types of watches you need to know about.

First, we have the men and women category, I don’t have to go in-depth about this.

Then we go to the automatic or mechanical watches.

An automatic watch uses a movement where the battery gets charged through the movement of your wrist and hand.

If you wear this watch daily you won’t need to wind it up or change the battery.

The mechanical watches have different movements where you do have to wind your watch up every now and then.

Or swap the battery when it dies.

These movements are usually cheaper to make and you’ll see that in the price of your watch as well.

Now we go on to the different types of watches.

Here I’ve made a list of the types of watches.

Type of WatchMust Have
Vintage WatchesThe watch is 25+ years old
Chronograph WatchesThe watch has a chronograph function with 3 extra dials on it.
Dive WatchesThe watch has a minimum water-resistance of 100m or 10ATM.
Pilot WatchesThe watch has a second time-zone function.
Military WatchesThe watch is utterly durable and, resourceful.
Swiss WatchesThe watch is made in Switzerland.
Race WatchesThe watch features a tachymeter to count lap times. Often it has a chronograph as well.
Sail WatchesThe watch has a timer that allows you to select a countdown.

Budget Of Your Watch(es)

When purchasing something new you always have a budget to work with.

You might have $5.000,- laying around for which you could purchase one Rolex DateJust 16220 or get yourself 5 less expensive watches.

Well if you’re buying your first watch and you got that 5 grand lying around, I would recommend getting an automatic watch that you can call your daily.

When having a budget the secondary market is also a great place to find a deal.

On Chrono24 you can find plenty of great looking watches that won’t break the bank.

When working with a small budget of $100,- to $500,- I recommend going to watchmakers like Seiko, Fossil, Casio, or Swatch.

These makers will sell you great watches for a good price.

You can create a whole collection out of less expensive watches or save up for the more luxury timepieces.

My daily watch, an Omega Speedmaster Automatic

You Need At Least 3 Watches

In my view, I suggest that you have a minimum of three watches.

As mentioned in the beginning, a daily watch is needed for your everyday use.

This can be anything you like, I would recommend it being an automatic watch.

That movement will save you hassle with winding up the watch or changing the battery.

A sports watch which you can use for activities.

This needs to be a more durable watch, so a dive or military watch will do a great job here.

And a dress watch.

This should be your secret gem, the piece that you take out for special occasions only.

A marvellous timeless watch.


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