Is A Hublot Watch Worth It? – 5 Things You Need To Know

Hublot has made its name in the watch industry. Some people love the brand while others really hate it from the bottom of their hearts.

There are some things you need to keep in mind when considering buying a watch from Hublot.

Read on to find out what these five things are.

Hublot Boutique at the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam

Hublot Watches Are Expensive

Hublot watches are expensive.

The cheapest Hublot Classic Fusion 42mm will set you back $7.600,-.

Considering that you’re getting a basic watch with a rubber strap, I think the MSRP is quite too much.

The Hublot Big Bang, the watch they’re most known for, costs a bit more starting at $12.900,-.

For that, you’re still getting a rubber strap but the watch comes with a chronograph.

So that makes up for the $5.000,- increase.

If you really want to be a real balr and go all in.

Hublot makes a Tourbillon of the Big Bang in full sapphire.

This crazy looking watch is yours for $422.000,-.

Hublot Watches Do Not Keep Their Value

Not only is a Hublot watch an expensive purchase, but that purchase will also fall down the value mountain like no other watch.

Let’s take the Hublot Classic Fusion, Hublot will charge you $7.600,-, and you can get the exact same watch for $4.500,-.

That’s a 41% loss on your initial purchase price.

It can even get worse, the Big Bang Original in Ceramic Steel, has an MSRP of $14.000,-.

This same watch sells for $6.270,- on Chrono24.

You can see five Hublot Watches from which I checked the original price and compared that to the lowest price on Chrono24.

ModelReference-NumberMSRPPrice Secondary MarketLoss
Classic Fusion Titanium – 3 Hands542.NX.1171.RX$7,600.00$4,500.00-41%
Classic Fusion – Chronograph Titanium541.NX.1171.RX$10,700.00$6,260.00-41%
Big Bang – Original Steel Ceramic301.SB.131.RX$14,000.00$6,270.00-55%
Big Bang – Original Gold301.PX.130.RX$34,600.00$16,360.00-53%
Big Bang – Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire455.JX.0120.JX$422,000.00 $373,000.00-12%
MSRP compared to prices on the secondary market

Fake Hublot Watches

Like with anything that’s desirable these days, Hublot watches get counterfeit.

And to be honest, when you’re buying a steel watch with a rubber strap it’s easy to make a counterfeit version.

So for $100,- there is a 1:1 watch that you almost can’t tell apart from the real deal.

Buying counterfeit products is never the option.

If you even consider buying a fake watch, save that money for later or, get yourself a good regular quartz watch from Seiko, Fossil or Invicta.

The only Hublot Watch I would hang on my wall

People Really Hate Hublot

Well not all people, but watch enthusiasts for sure do.

Ask anyone who likes watches what they think about Hublot and they probably tell you “screw Hublot”.

When I asked this question in a poll, 80% of voters said they would never buy a Hublot watch.

I suggest this comes from the fact that Hublot isn’t really trying to sell watches.

They seem more of a lifestyle brand to me.

They fall under the LVMH group which also sells Louis Vuitton, Moet Chandon. All these brands try to sell you a lifestyle.

And that is exactly what they are doing with Hublot. And why watch geeks hate on the brand.

History Of Hublot

Hublot is a quite new brand, being found in 1980 by Carlo Crocco in Italy.

In 2004 when Jean-Claude Biver made it to the company as CEO they started working on their Big Bang models which they launched in 2005.

In 2007 Hublot opened its first boutique in Paris.

The city of fashion and lifestyle. Since then Hublot counts 30 boutiques worldwide.

In 2008 LVMH took over the brand by purchasing the stocks of the founder Carlo.

After that in 2012, Ricardo Guadeloupe took over Jean-Cloude as CEO.

So, Is A Hublot Watch Worth It?


When we are talking about buying a brand new Hublot, the answer is absolute no.

The watches crash in value more than a brand new car does.

The brand doesn’t distinguish itself in any other form than fashion.

If you like the way a Hublot watch looks and really want one, I suggest getting one on the secondary market.

There you are getting a steal compared to a Hublot boutique.

The brand doesn’t really have a heritage or history that you can love.

So there is no reason to get a Hublot for that.

But it’s always your own decision, so I will let you decide if a Hublot watch is worth it.


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