Is A Rolex Watch Worth It? – 5 Things You Need To Know

To give you an answer, yes a Rolex Watch is worth the money.

If you love Rolex cause of the way it looks, love the brand or heritage it’s worth it.

Even when you’re buying one to sell later it can be worth it.

Rolex is a well-known brand with a lot of history.

Their watches are so well made that they can last for years and keep their value.

There are some pros and con’s when you’re considering buying a Rolex watch. T

hese are the things you should think about when buying your Rolex watch.

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Rolex Watches Are Expensive

Rolex their watches are expensive.

While they were first made as tool watches, Rolex watches have changed into luxury timepieces or status symbols.

So when you’re buying a watch from Rolex you are not only paying for the craftsmanship but also for the status symbol associated with Rolex.

When buying an entry-level 41mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex will charge you €5.800,-.

You can also skip the authorised Rolex dealer and go for an older or vintage model.

Instead of the Oyster Perpetual, you can get an Oyster Precision for €3.950,- or the Rolex DateJust from 1969 for around €4.000,-.

The con of buying an older model is that you can’t be sure all the original parts are still inside the watch, also the service history can be shady unless you have proof of that.

Good Value For The Money

A Rolex won’t depreciate that fast. In fact, most Rolex watches go up in value when times go by.

Let’s take the Rolex DateJust from 1969, this model would have cost you around €1700,- in 2010 the same watch which you can grab today for €4.000,-.

That’s an increase in the value of €2300,- or 135%. That is good value for the money.

Fake Watches

There are a lot of fake Rolex watches out there.

The rule here is, if it’s too good to be true don’t fall for it.

The replica watches look just as good as the genuine ones that even watch experts have a hard time telling a fake from a real.

Is It Real?

The first thing that comes up in someone’s mind the moment he sees a Rolex on your wrist is the question of whether it is real or not.

He might even ask you this question in front of other people.

This same question always pops in my mind when I see someone wearing a Rolex.

I have also had the same question asked to me about my watches.

Rolex DateJust 126300

Hyped Models

There are plenty of Rolex models which go through a hype.

Let’s take the Rolex Oyster Perpetual again.

In 2020 Rolex released a couple of these models with different dial colours, these watches had a retail price of €5.600,-.

One of them came with a light blue dial, also known as the tiffany blue dial.

This watch sold in December 2021 for €20.000,-.

This hype came from another watch with the same dial that had sold in auction for $6.5 million, after this, all the watches with a light blue dial went through a hype.

So, Is A Rolex Worth It?

For me?

For sure, if you get a model that’s not inside a hype bubble and holds its value.

If you want to wear it daily an Oyster Perpetual or DateJust would be your go-to Rolex.

If you want to keep it inside the box and think you can make some money out of it, then a Rolex is worth it as well.

If you love the history and the brand, then it’s worth it too.

Is it worth it for you?

That’s for you to decide.


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