Is A Seiko Watch Worth It? – 5 Things You Need To Know

Seiko is a well-known watchmaker which, is loved by men and women all over the world. The brand makes high-quality watches and has a diverse collection that attracts a broad audience.

But with such a broad collection it’s hard to pick. And is a Seiko Watch worth the money? Read on to find out.

Seiko Their Techniques

Seiko uses 5 different techniques for their watches.

  • Automatic
  • Quartz
  • Kinetic
  • GPS-Solar
  • Solar

The Automatic movement winds itself up while wearing it. The movement of the watch causes the mainspring to be wound up. This spring is the energy source of the watch.

The Quartz movement works on a battery which is the energy source of the watch. All Seiko Quartz watches get delivered with a mercury-free battery.

The Kinetic technique turns arm and wrist movement into energy. This energy gets saves in a little chargeable battery that lasts longer than a regular battery. This works together with an accurate quartz movement.

The GPS-Solar watch uses a GPS to change the time it is telling by the press of a button. On the dial, you can see if the watch makes a connection with the GPS network.

The Solar watch uses an ultra-efficient solar cell that fetches its energy through all sources of light. This energy gets stored in a small chargeable battery. The movement is protected against overcharging.

Features And Options On A Seiko

The first five options you can pick for your new Seiko is the technique for the movement. These options are, automatic, quartz, kinetic, GPS-solar and solar.

Seiko watches are waterproof to 50m, 100m, or even 200m deep.

You can pick a variety of bracelets and straps for your Seiko watch. These bracelets come in steel, titanium or hard-coated steel. The straps vary from silicone, nylon, leather and crocodile leather.

The last option for your Seiko watch is whether you want a sapphire glass or hardlex mineral glass. Sapphire glass is known to be very scratch resistant.

History Of Seiko

Seiko their story began in 1881 when a 21-year-old Kintaro Hattori opened a store in the city centre where he repaired watches and sold them.

Kintaro Hattori 160th Birthday Limited Edition | Astron | Merken | Seiko  Watch Corporation
Kintaro Hattori

In 1960 Seiko launches its signature model the Grand Seiko. This is the luxury brand from Seiko as we know it today. Since 2017 Grand Seiko is a brand of its own.

In 1969 Seiko introduced the first watch with a quartz movement. With the introduction of the Seiko Quartz Astron, they started the quartz revolution.

In 1973 they introduced the first digital quartz watch. This new watch was able to show you the hours, minutes and seconds on a liquid crystal display. The display lasted for 50.000 hours which made it quite durable.

Hattori was always sure that Seiko “had to be one step ahead of the rest”. With all the different innovations from Seiko, this is sure to be true.

Good Value For The Money

Seiko watches range from around $175,- up to $5.060,- for their Limited edition Prospex Dive watch. If you’re going for a Grand Seiko they start at $2.420,- and go all the way up to the 6 figures. With their most expensive watch costing $214.575,-

Masterpiece Collection Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary Limited Edition
Masterpiece Collection Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary Limited Edition

I would say almost all regular Seiko watches up to $1.000,- are good value for the money. But if you insist to pay more than $1.000,- for a watch then other brands give more value for that amount of money.

Investment Or Daily Watch

When you’re considering buying a Seiko Watch let me tell you one thing. Do not buy a Seiko Watch as an investment. They don’t go up in value and you’re going to be disappointed by that.

Buy a Seiko Watch and wear it daily. If you get an automatic movement you’ll have a watch that doesn’t need a battery swap and can tell you the time for years.

So, Is A Seiko Watch Worth It?

For anyone looking for a good watch that isn’t going to break their bank account, a Seiko Watch is worth the money. For anyone looking for a good and durable daily watch, a Seiko Watch is worth it.

If you love the history and innovations of the brand, a Seiko Watch is worth it as well.

If you’re looking for a watch as an investment then a Seiko Watch is not worth it.

So now you can decide for yourself if a Seiko Watch is worth it.


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