Is A Squale Watch Worth It? – The Unknown Watchmaker For Divers

When I first heard about the brand Squale I thought it was some cheap watchmaker trying to sell something else than they would make.

But this is not the case, a Squale is worth the money you spend on them.

In this post, I am gonna tell you everything you need to know about their watches.

Squale Atmos Y1545

History Of Squale

Let’s start at the beginning. In 1950, Charles and Helene Von Büren establish the Von Büren SA watch factory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Inspired by their passion for diving and other water sports, they focused on creating sub-aquatic watches.

These diving watches were like the depths of the ocean at the time, unexplored.

Forward 9 years and the Von Büren SA registers the Squale brand and obtains the first patent for the production of diving watch cases.

In 1962 the first models are being launched under the Squale brand.

In the 1970s Squale launched their 1521 model.

Not only that but they became the official supplier for the Italian Navy and for the “Folgore” Paratroopers Brigade.

So if the Italian Navy trusted Squale watches, why shouldn’t we?

Charles Von Büren Sailing

The Von Bürens had a good relationship with their Italian distributor, the Maggi family.

In preparation for his retirement, Charles Von Büren sells the Squale brand to the Maggi family in 1982.

After 1982 there is not a lot of events.

But forward to 2017, this is the year when Squale becomes the official supplier to the Italian State Police Divers Unit.

A special edition of their 2002 model was created according to the Divers Unit their specific requests.

This model also became available to the public.

Squale Makes High-Quality Swiss Watches

When I got my hands on a Squale watch for the first time I was astonished by the quality they deliver.

Starting from the used steel, and sapphire glass and going on to the details on the dial.

Their watches are well put together using high-end materials.

This all starts at Squale their assembly.

All their watches are put together by hand, using state-of-the-art tools in their laboratories in Ticino, Switzerland.

Squale Atmos Y1545

Squale really makes sure their watches won’t leave their lab without the reliability they want to create.

They check the quality by doing numerous tests on individual components as well as the finished watches.

Before assembly can begin, all the movements are tested individually, after the watch has been fully put together the final test is a water resistance test.

Since Squale produces dive watches this is a quite important test to pass.

Luckily the watches pass the test without breaking a sweat. (Or losing any water resistance)

Terrific Price-Quality Ratio

I would almost say that Squale hit a sweet spot when talking about the price-quality ratio.

Where nowadays every new watch costs more and more, Squale watches start at $950 which makes them obtainable to anyone.

Like I said they hit that sweet spot of the price-quality ratio of dive watches.

Their 1521 lineup, the one you can wear every day starts at $950.

For that, you get a 42mm stainless steel case with an automatic movement, sapphire glass, luminous in the dark and a date function.

More than you would expect for under one grand.

The other daily lineup, the Sub-39 sells for $1.295, a bit more than the 1521.

But now instead of a big watch, you’re getting a slick 39mm stainless steel case.

Inside the SW-200-1 automatic movement, covered by the sapphire glass as well as a date function.

Squale 2002a Technisub

The 2002 watches are real deep-dive watches.

They can go as deep as 1000m (100bar) and will withstand anything the ocean throws at them.

Coming in a 44mm stainless steel case is the same movement as in the previous models.

The watch is protected by sapphire glass and glows up in the depths of the ocean due to the superliminova C3.

For just $1.480 this watch can be yours.

I know, I know, one thousand bucks is a lot.

But believe me, there are not many watchmakers that can deliver such quality for this price.

And yes, you can get nice watches for that money on the secondary market as well.

But if you want something new, something that’s really yours from the factory, a Squale won’t let you down.

My First Experience With Squale

I had a Squale watch on my Chrono24 wish list for some time, until one day the price dropped.

At that moment I was really tempted to do an offer on the watch.

So I offered the seller a really low price, which I didn’t expect he would accept.

I didn’t think he would accept it cause it was so low and it was all the money I had left for the last 7 days until my next paycheck.

There I was, in a dilemma. Get the watch and try to get by those 7 days or play it safe and fill up my car with gas the next day.

I went with option one and bought the watch.

Note this as well, it was my first time buying a timepiece through Chrono24.

So not only was I broke at the moment I send the money, but I was also scared of being scammed.

Two days after making the transaction, the watch arrived at my home.

While opening the brown delivery box I saw a lot of bubble wrap.

Behind that was a deep blue box with “Squale” written on top.

Well, at least I had obtained the correct box.

Inside I found a leather pouch, and there was my Squale Atmos Y1545.

My Squale Just After Arriving

The moment I picked the watch up I was astonished by the quality I felt.

It felt better than some Rolexes or Omegas do.

I also owned a Speedmaster Reduced from which the bracelet felt floppy compared to this Squale.

So I had made a good deal, obtained a cracked of a watch and learned not to be scared of Chrono24 sellers.

Squale Watches Are Unknown

I cannot figure out why Squale watches are not that well known.

Maybe it has something to do with their marketing or production amount.

When I looked up Chrono24 for a Squale 1545 only 21 results showed.

For all Squale watches, this result was just under 500.

Still, not a lot when comparing that to a Rolex Date-Just search result of 35.861 watches.

See this as a hidden gem in the watch world.

Where everyone knows Rolex, the name Squale will only get the attention of enthusiasts.

Although the watch itself will get looks from everyone around you.

So, Is A Squale Watch Worth It?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I would love to share my enthusiasm in a better way than through words that are written down.

It’s quite hard to express feelings and emotions through text. (That’s why I always call my girlfriend)

Silly talk aside tho.

Don’t hesitate anymore and get that Squale watch.

Be it brand new or from a third party. You won’t regret the purchase. Trust me.


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