MoonSwatch Update: Can You Buy A MoonSwatch Online?

For all the people that just want a quick answer to today’s question, that answer is “no”. You cannot purchase an Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch online.

But why? Why wouldn’t it be possible to get this online?

Read on to find out more.

The Collaboration Between Omega And Swatch

On the 26th of March 2022, we got a watch release that was something else.

Omega teamed up with Swatch and they introduced the MoonSwatch as a collaboration between the two.

The joint launch of the MoonSwatch consisted of a colourful collection made out of 11 models. Each model had its own colour which was linked to a planet of our own solar system. (How cool).

The watches are made out of Bioceramic-plastic and have the remarkable design of the Omega Speedmaster.

Also known as the Moon Watch.

Normally Omega places its own logo under the 12-hour mark, but now we can see an Omega and Swatch logo there.

Under the chronograph dials, we see the words “Speedmaster” and “MoonSwatch” written down.

That’s not where the cool gimmicks end tho.

When you flip the watch and see the back that’s where you find some motivation on a sad day.


That’s exactly what Swatch and Omega have done here.

I said it in my last post about Omega and Swatch and will say it again.

The first two words are for sure from Swatch their marketing team.

They dreamed big and reached the planets with this launch.

We saw that on introduction day when all the stores that the MoonSwatch was available at were literally stormed with people.

The Line For The Swatch Store In Amsterdam

The MoonSwatch Will Not Be Offered Online

I am not the only one who remembers Omega or Swatch telling us the watch will be available online one day.

Well, that’s not gonna be the case.

Fratello Watches asked the CEO of the Swatch Group Nick Hayek the following question.

“Why don’t you offer the MoonSwatch online?”.

Nick Heyer answered that “there is no emotion in online buying. It’s a carefully produced Swiss-made watch and not a commodity. After the whole world had to stay at home for 2 years because of COVID, it was about time to celebrate and bring the people back on the streets, more together, and revive the brick-and-mortar stores”.

Check out the full interview here.

Do Not Buy A MoonSwatch From A Watch Flipper

I did mention this before in my post about people that are trying to make a profit out of this MoonSwatch.

But even Nick Hayek is telling everyone to stay away from these people.

Keep trying again at your Swatch boutique or try another one when you’re close to one.

Swatch will start opening more Swatch stores as well.

There is a big chance that there could be a Swatch store coming to you soon.

The reason why you should not buy it from a watch flipper is simple.

It’s not a limited watch.

There are plenty being made and will be made.

So be patient and do not buy it off the secondary market, unless you’re getting a fair price for it.

This is not a penny more than the retail price of $250.


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