Record-Breaking Purchase For This Cartier!

Mostly when there is a record purchase at a watch auction it’s mostly steel sporty watches that break the limits. But not this time, this time it’s a Cartier watch that is the highlight of the show.

The watch sold at an online auction on the website of Loupe This for an astonishing amount.

Cartier Crash, Source: Loupe This

Cartier Crash

The watch I am talking about is a Cartier Crash from 1976. A vintage model that went for about one and a half million dollars. $1.503.888 to be exactly. A new record after an auction at Sotheby’s where the same model from Cartier sold for $770.000.

The price can be linked to the fact that this Cartier Crash comes from the first year of production. Also, the fact that Cartier does not have a new model of the Crash makes it so that whenever one goes on sale, collectors will have their eyes on it.

During the auction, there was a bidding war going on that led the price to such a high record.


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