Rolex Holographic Sticker – What Means The Sticker On The Back Of A Rolex Watch?

We all know Rolex as a brand that pays detail to every single little aspect of their watches.

And they don’t stop at the watch, the box and papers everything has to be perfect at Rolex.

So everything that is included with a Rolex is there for a reason.

One detail of a Rolex watch that maybe some people don’t even know about is the case back sticker.

It’s a holographic sticker that was put there by Rolex. But why?

Read this article to find out.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Case Back Sticker

Before The Green Holographic Sticker

So before Rolex started using the green case back stickers they used a different kind or no sticker at all.

Rolex has used a large number of the different case back stickers over the years.

Although these stickers were never been intended to stay on the watch.

Some people kept them for any reason whatsoever, the original owner maybe didn’t even notice it while wearing the watch.

Rolex Case Back Sticker With The Model Number For The Date-Just Model

Rolex Case Back Holographic Sticker

In the 2000s, Rolex placed green holographic stickers on the back of their watch cases in order to confirm authenticity.

Where their watches already have been counterfeited the sticker was easy to reproduce making it uncertain to check if a watch was real.

Nowadays Rolex doesn’t use the green holographic sticker anymore, but the counterfeiters do.

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you buy a brand new “Rolex” with this green sticker.

This should tell you it’s a fake one.

Rolex Stops Using The Green Holographic Case Back Sticker

Rolex used the green case back sticker for a long time but decided to stop using it in late 2007.

The green holographic stickers were replaced by transparent stickers.

So when a Rolex that was produced after 2007 should never have the green holographic case back sticker.

If it does, you can be sure it is a fake Rolex watch.

The transparent sticker is meant to protect the case back of the Rolex watch.

This helps against scratches and other damage.

There are two transparent stickers on Rolex watches.

The first one has a green coloured edge, which means the watch is new and never have been opened.

The second transparent case back sticker has a red coloured edge.

This tells us that the Rolex watch has been serviced at a Rolex service centre.

We can call this one the “service case back sticker”.

Service Case Back Sticker

Case Back Sticker Today

So you know that brand new Rolex watches have a transparent case back sticker with a green edge.

But there is a Rolex policy which says that the AD (authorised dealer) needs to remove all the factory stickers before he can sell you the watch.

The same thing is with brand new cars, no one wants to be peeling off stickers of their new Porsche, so the dealer does that for you.

This policy means you won’t spot stickers on a brand new Rolex watch that fast.

So you don’t need to worry about them.


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