Seiko Mod Review – Why You Should Consider One

I see modified Seiko’s every day.

Since I noticed that these watches got desirable, I went on a hunt to find one. I learned the story behind those watches, and I got one myself to see if it was just a knock-off Rolex or really a timepiece of its own.

I love watches and everything that involves these timepieces.

I also have a piece in my heart reserved for Seiko. It is a brand from which almost everyone had a piece on their wrist.

So the idea of taking that pure Seiko and making something else did not really fit into my heart at first.

But before you can have any opinion about anything, you need to use the item you’re gonna have an idea about.

We make a statement without even seeing it, let alone trying something out, most of the time.

So for this review, I wore the watch for 2 weeks straight.

Enough small talk tho, let’s get into the review.

My Seiko Mod

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Short History Of Modified Seiko’s

There is no date or year we can pinpoint the start of the idea about modifying Seiko’s.

I do know it originated in Asia.

People wanted something original on their wrist without breaking the bank and with the confidence that it won’t break like most “cheap” movements would do.

Seiko was and still is making movements for distribution.

They want to give other watchmakers the quality of their movements.

This was the perfect base for everyone that wanted to make their own modified Seiko.

From that base, people went nuts with their own creations. Making watches that were a piece of themselves.

Some people really liked some designs from Rolex or Patek Philippe but couldn’t afford them.

Well, this is where the Seiko mods were born that have the looks of some popular watches for a reasonable price.

From there the modified watches made their name across the whole world, becoming really popular in Europe and North America.

Parts Used For A Seiko Mod

The Seiko Mod I tested uses the parts stated in this review.

Suppose you’re getting a modified Seiko from any other maker.

In that case, there is a chance they are using different parts like the movements, glass, steel and everything that is used for the watch.

So the watch starts off with a base, the Seiko NH35A movement.

This is the brandless powerhouse of the Seiko Caliber 4R35.

The NH35A is specially made for non-Seiko watches.

The NH35A is an automatic movement with a 41-hour power reserve.

For an in-depth specification of the movement, click here.

The NH35A Movement

All the other parts that are used for a modified Seiko are brandless.

This means no unnecessary logos or names on the watch except the Seiko movement logo on the dial.

Because of this, the watch looks clean, making it feel more premium.

The maker picked a blue “palm” dial with a date function for the watch I tried.

Protecting the dial is a sapphire crystal.

This closes the watch making it water-resistant.

The jubilee bracelet made the watch fit really easily on my wrist.

Is A Seiko Mod Legal?

I get this question a lot when wearing the watch.

And yes, a modified Seiko that might have the looks of another timepiece is totally legal.

Where Rolex replicas are illegal to sell, buy or wear.

Replicas are considered counterfeit goods.

Logos and names are typically trademarked. This makes it illegal to purchase counterfeit goods.

A modified Seiko might have some design elements you recognize from a Rolex Date-Just or a Tudor Date.

But it is not wearing another brand its name.

On the watch dial, we can see the Seiko logo, which tells us the watch uses a Seiko movement.

So yes, the modified Seiko watches are totally legal.

Why People Buy Modified Seiko’s

I know some people find it silly when I wear my modified Seiko.

At first, I also didn’t really understand the purpose of these watches.

But let’s say you own a really nice watch you spend some of your savings for.

This watch may have cost you $1.000 or $10.000, nevertheless, it was a lot.

Whenever I go out to the city at night I am always worried about my watch being stolen.

Every week there are people being robbed of their jewellery at night, you cannot open the news app in the Netherlands without a new article about this.

So I wear my nice Seiko mod whenever I go out for a beer or to the club.

This way I still have a nice-looking piece on my wrist and I don’t need to worry about some gang robbing me of my valuable pieces.

If someone would rob me for any reason I would just hand them over the watch and get home as soon as possible.

But I would not be worried about the lost watch because I know I can get a new one for just $250.

Inside The “Box”

First, there is no real box for this watch.

The watch comes inside a soft travel pouch or a hard travel case.

Inside we really don’t find a lot except the watch and a QR code which will lead you to the user’s manual.

This is all digital.

Inside The Package

The slogan from RCM watches is; Safe the trees, keep it digital.

Tho there is not a lot to unpack, it is all nice and clean.

The Seiko Mod On My Wrist

This modified Seiko was perfect for my wrist.

The case is just 36mm big making it perfect for daily usage.

And when I say daily, I mean every day.

Whenever you are going to the office, diner, or nightclub.

The watch will suit every occasion and every outfit. Making it the perfect daily watch.

If you ever get bored of its look you can always change the strap.

I really enjoyed wearing it in the sun as well at night.

In the sun, the watch really glisters and stands out. Because of the sapphire glass that is used it catches people’s eyes.

It is also terrific at night because of the lume on the hands and hour-markers.

The Watch On My Wrist

My Overall Experience, Should You Get A Modified Seiko?

I gotta be honest in my posts and I am gonna be with this one as well.

I didn’t think I would enjoy the watch this much as I have done.

It really is a cool watch which was fantastic for all my plans and activities.

I really enjoyed the feeling at night that I could go out and didn’t have to worry about which watch I would wear or it being stolen.

The 41-hour power reserve made it convenient to swap another piece for a day without the need of setting it up again when you want to wear it.

After all, I can tell you that it is worth it to get a modified Seiko.

If you are looking for something to add to your collection or it is being the first watch, this Seiko will be a great fit.

RCM Watches

I got this Seiko mod from Ray at RCM watches.

RCM watches is based in the Netherlands and makes amazing Seiko mods.

This is not the only model that they make.

You can find all the other models on RCM watches their Instagram.

When you’re looking for something totally unique RCM watches are the place to go as well.

Ray can make almost anything you can imagine, so don’t be shy to slide in his DM’s.


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