Sold – The Omega Speedmaster Owned By Astronaut Michael Collins

Everyone knows the Omega Speedmaster from being the first watch on the moon.

Without a crew, a watch would not have made the trip to our moon.

That crew was made out of three men; Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

From the last crew member, Michael Collins a very special Omega Speedmaster has just been sold for $765.000!

The Apollo 11

A quick reminder. The Apollo 11 mission from NASA was the first mission in the Apollo program where astronauts landed on the moon.

This all happened in 1969. The first human who set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

We all remember him for his famous phrase, “That is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

For this mission, NASA picked Omega as the watchmaker that would supply them on their missions in space.

And so the Omega Speedmaster became the certified watch by NASA for all manned space missions and Extravehicular Activity.

The Golden Omega Speedmaster

After succeeding in the Apollo mission.

Where the astronauts wore an Omega Speedmaster with the reference number 145.012-68.

The moon travellers got invited to a diner to celebrate their success.

The astronauts got a golden Omega Speedmaster as a gift in honour of the mission.

Former President Richard Nixon also got a golden Speedmaster. T

his one had the reference number BA145.022-69.

Omega made 1014 golden Speedmasters and 34 special ones, which were for all the people closely involved in the Apollo mission.

The 34 “special” timepieces all got engraved with a number.

Collins his watch got the number 19 and also has his name engraved on the back.

Auction Of Michael Collins His Omega Speedmaster

The price for a golden Speedmaster with reference 145.012-68 is around $50.000,- this is where the bidding of Michael his watch started.

The bidding of Michael Collins his watch started at $160.000,- but ended at an astonishing $625.000, add the buyer’s premium to that and you end up at $765.000,-

With the watch comes a piece of history.

A handwritten note from Michael himself says.

“This Omega watch was given to me shortly after the flight of Apollo XI and has been in my personal possession ever since. I wore it seldom if ever, but I have wound it every decade or so, and I believe it is in perfect operating condition. Michael Collins, Apollo Xi CMP”

The fact that the new owner can prove the watch has been in Michael Collins his possession all the time is extraordinary.

I don’t know if the timepiece will be placed in a safe or on a shelf to show.

Or that the proud owner will wear it daily.

I am sure the watch will be held in good hands.


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