Stop Trying To Make A Profit Out Of A MoonSwatch

On the 26th of March 2022, Swatch released a brand new watch in cooperation with Omega.

The MoonSwatch took over all the Swatch stores that day.

The MoonSwatch is not available in stores right now, but it will be in the future.

The Swatch is not a limited production watch. Nevertheless people try to make a big profit out of these $250,- wachtes, and they have to stop it now.

Omega x Swatch

Omega x Swatch

What was the joint launch of the MoonSwatch?

It was a colourful collection made out of 11 models.

Each model had it’s own colour which was linked to a planet of our own solar system.

The watch is made out of Bioceramic-plastic and we can clearly see the design of the Omega Speedmaster.

Were you would normally see the Omega logo under the 12-hour mark now we see an Omega and Swatch logo.

Under the chronograph dials we see the words “Speedmaster” and “MoonSwatch” engraved.

That’s not all, cause when you flip the watch and see the back that’s were the moto is.


This is the engraving you will find on the back.

I suggest the first two words come from the marketingteam that made this dream happen.

Ofcourse they reached the planets with this launch.

The watch reached people around the whole world, all kinds of media and there were huge lines in front of Swatch stores containing people that needed this watch.

The Line For The Swatch Store In Amsterdam

The MoonSwatch Is NOT A Limited Watch

The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard of this launch was if they would make more.

In March we didn’t have a clear view of that so a lot of people thought this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This is not the case.

Omega and Swatch will make more of these MoonSwatches.

They are not numbered or limited in any way or form.

Tho the first batch was only sold in Swatch stores and wasn’t available online I suggest everyone who wants a MoonSwatch to wait on the second batch being produced.

Do NOT Buy The MoonSwatch For More Than $250

If you open Chrono24 now and look up Omega x Swatch you will find plenty of people that will be delighted to sell you their MoonSwatch.

Not for the $250 that the Swatch store will sell them for.

No these so-called “watch-flippers” ask from $420 up to $5.000 for a MoonSwatch!

That is insane!

Five grand can get you an Omega Speedmaster Professional.

It is ridiculous that people suggest these prices online and think anyone will give them such an amount for a Swatch.

Prices Of The MoonSwatch On Chrono24

Ofcourse they try to sell it to people that are not well known in the watch world.

But still it almost feels like a scam to me.

Asking four figures for something that is not limited, is not made with precious materials, doesn’t wear a hertigae.

Do not get me wrong the MoonSwatch is a good looking and most fun watch.

It’s a good way for Omega to get the attention of a broader audience.

It is worth the $250 that they priced the MoonSwatch at, but not a penny more.

So don’t fall for these resellers and do not buy from them.

Be patient and wait for the MoonSwatch to be in stock again.

That way you are saving yourself a lot of money while still exploring the universe.


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