The Best 10 Watches For Under $5.000

Do you want to know what the best 10 options are when you are looking for a watch for under $5.000?

In this post, I will show you the best picks and tell you why one of them should be on your wrist.

I already covered the best watches for under $1.000 if you’re interested in these click right here for the list.

But let’s say you’ve saved up and don’t need five different watches in your possession.

Then you should read on to find out the best pick for under five grand.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300

Specifications: Price; $3.100, Case Size; 43mm, Water Resistance; 300m (30bar), Movement; Calibre 5 Automatic, Power Reserve; 38hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

Tag Heuer is probably one of the best brands when looking for a cool sports watch.

Whether you’re looking for an automatic or quartz movement Tag Heuer will hook you up.

Built for diving, the Tag Heuer Aquaracer is the ultimate everyday watch.

Updated with a new case and bracelet. The Aquaracer raises the bar for performance.

For just $3.100 you can get yourself a Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300.

With an automatic Calibre 5 movement which houses a power reserve of 38 hours.

The watch is made out of stainless steel and has a case which is 43mm in size.

Other features are water resistance up to 300m (30bar) and a date function at the six-hour mark.

To top this off this Aquaracer is available in three colours, black dial and black bezel, blue dial and blue bezel and grey dial and black bezel. (I would suggest the blue one)

Oris Aquis Date 400

Specifications: Price; $3.300, Case Size; 41.5mm, Water Resistance; 300m (30bar), Movement; Automatic winding date Oris 400, Power Reserve; 120hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

The following timepiece we have on the list is the Aquis Date 400 from Oris.

Oris is a gentleman of the watch scene.

Providing us with unique pieces that are all made in-house at Oris.

The Oris Calibre 400 series sets the new standard in automatic mechanical watchmaking.

Conceived entirely in-house by the independent Swiss watch company’s skilled engineers.

Oris established itself as an actual independent watchmaker.

You can get the Oris Aquis in two sizes 41.5mm and 43.5mm, both sizes start at $3.300 so you don’t need to worry about paying more when you prefer the larger watch.

Inside the stainless steel case, we find the new Oris 400 automatic movement.

With a 120-hour power reserve, this is a new innovation by Oris.

There is also a date feature on it. Finished with a blue dial this is another watch you can rock every day.

If you are not a fan of the colour blue, the Oris Aquis also comes in green, black and in two tones, black/gold, green/gold and blue/gold.

Oris will also give you 2 years of warranty on the watch.

You can extend this to 10 years for free when joining MyOris.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight

Specifications: Price; $3.700, Case Size; 39mm, Water Resistance; 200m (20bar), Movement; Manufacture Calibre MT5402, Power Reserve; 70hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

I think for every watch on this list the colour will be blue, just like for our next timepiece.

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight pays tribute to the brand’s first divers watches.

This is a model whose dimensions evoke that of the epoch, designed for those with slim wrists, people who like more compact watches and vintage enthusiasts alike.

This timepiece from Tudor is loved by everyone all over the world.

With its sleek minimalistic design. Tudor made a good choice by making a watch that is just a watch.

No extras, nothing shiny. Just a nice dial with an hour, minute and second hand, everything you need to tell the time.

Although the Black Bay looks on its best in the blue configuration you can get it with a black dial, a green dial.

There are also bronze and gold versions, these are just above our $5.000 budget.

This Black Bay Fifty-Eight will set you back $3.700 and you won’t regret spending that.

Tudor Black Bay Pro

Specifications: Price; $3.950, Case Size; 39mm, Water Resistance; 200m (20bar), Movement; Manufacture Calibre MT5652, Power Reserve; 70hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

We are staying with the watchmaker Tudor for this one.

And I might have lied about every watch being blue cause this one has no blue in it at all.

In march 2022 Tudor introduced the Black Bay Pro and they have done a fantastic job with it.

Again staying with the smaller case and the vintage look Tudor made something we all desired.

Deep inside we all know that wristwatches are not meant to be huge, Tudor knows this as well.

Some say it looks too much like its expensive nephew, the Rolex Explorer.

But I think Tudor made this one just better.

It has a more sleek and vintage look.

Of course, the price is way better as well being under five grand you can pick this Tudor up for just $3.950, compared to an expensive Rolex and you’re getting yourself a great deal.

Tudor Pelagos

Specifications: Price; $4.700, Case Size; 42mm, Water Resistance; 500m (50bar), Movement; Manufacture Calibre MT5612, Power Reserve; 70hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

I promise this is the last watch from Tudor that you will see on this list.

This one is for the people that don’t play around when it comes to toughness and water resistance.

The Tudor Pelagos is the watch for the real outdoor man and diver. I think there is nothing you can throw at this watch that it won’t withstand.

That comes with a price tho, though the watch had to be made in 42mm.

It loses the vintage look but gains the more sporty style.

Another cool fact is that the movement is made by Tudor itself, like for the Black Bay Fifty-Eight and Black Bay Pro.

Made out of a titanium and steel case with a satin finish and a blue dial and bezel.

This would be the perfect pick for anyone that loves outdoor activities.

I would recommend you to avoid this watch when having smaller wrists cause it’s a big timepiece.

Breitling Superocean Heritage B20

Specifications: Price; $4.900, Case Size; 42mm, Water Resistance; 200m (20bar), Movement; Manufacture Breitling B20, Power Reserve 70hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

I have a love and hate relationship with Breitling, some of their watches are horrible to look at while others have an amazing design and should be shown to the world.

The last is true for the Breitling Superocean Heritage B20.

Let me tell you, it looks like a million bucks on your wrist.

And the best part is it comes in 42, 44 and 46mm. So that anyone can fit the watch on their wrist.

Inspired by the original Superocean from the 1950s, this Heritage model combines iconic design features with a modern touch.

Sporty and elegant, are the two words that describe this one perfectly.

Featuring the iconic triangular-shaped hands as well as a unidirectional bezel with a polished ceramic ring, the Superocean is an elegant-looking watch.

It’s also available with a stainless steel band, although when picking that we would go over the $5.000 budget.

So for this list, I went with the rubber strap.

And if I have to be honest, it looks way more like a daily watch with a rubber strap.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Spitfire

Specifications: Price; $4.800, Case Size; 39mm, Water Resistance; 60m (6bar), Movement; IWC-Manufactured 32110 Calibre, Power Reserve; 72hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

IWC Schaffhausen has a wide history in watchmaking, particularly in the watches that were worn by pilots.

This Spitfire remains true to the purist instrument design of the Mark 11 navigation watch, which was produced in 1948 for the British Royal Airforce.

The new IWC-manufactured 32110 calibre is featured for the first time in this functional timepiece.

The watch comes in a case measuring a wearable 39mm.

The case is stainless steel, and the black dial and the brown calfskin strap were inspired by the colours found in the Spitfire’s cockpit.

I gotta say this timepiece is very pure indeed.

Having a vintage look cause of the colours that IWC picked it is something for everyday use.

Maybe not the best pick for outdoor activities.

This is the watch for the office/businessman.

Or anyone that wants a wearable watch for everyday use.

Frederique Constant Classic Worldtimer

Specifications: Price; $4.100, Case Size; 42mm, Water Resistance; 50m (5bar), Movement; Manufactured FC-718 Automatic, Power Reserve; 38hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

When seeing this watch I could not believe it was under $10.000, worldtimer watches being complicated and expensive.

Not for this Frederique Constant tho.

For the occasion, this timepiece features an exclusive modern dial for the frequent traveller.

For an everyday watch, everything had been designed so that the latter and its complication can be adjusted quickly without the risk of error.

On the navy-coloured dial, we can see the date at the six-hour mark.

And in the middle is a dark grey world map with a day and night indication in 24 different cities.

This is something really classy, with the alligator strap and see-through case back. It all gives the watch an even more premium look.

Cartier Tank Must-Automatic

Specifications: Price; $4.550, Case Size; 41x31mm, Water Resistance; 30m (3bar), Movement; Automatic Calibre 1847MC, Power Reserve; 42hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

Let’s be honest everyone should have owned a Cartier watch once in their lifetime, like stated it’s a “must” have watch.

The Cartier Tank is a great pick for under five grand.

With its recognizable rectangular shape, there is no one that won’t notice the watch on your wrist.

While this is the large version there is also a medium and small size for the Cartier Tank.

The watch features Roman numerals on the white dial, with the blue watch hands.

There is also a date function which sits on the six-hour mark.

There is not much else to say about this watch. It is just incredible you can get it for just $4.550, when that is out of the budget Cartier also has a quartz version of the Tank.

Panerai Luminor Base Logo

Specifications: Price; $5.000, Case Size; 44mm, Water Resistance; 100m (10bar), Movement; Hand-wound Calibre P.60000, Power Reserve; 72hrs, Crystal, Sapphire.

Let’s end this list with a big boy watch.

When I think about big watches, Panerai is the first brand that comes into my mind.

Although being big, they are very cool.

This very basic-looking Panerai is in my opinion their best.

On the dial are the hour markers, an hour and minute hand and that’s all.

A very minimalistic design which I myself adore.

The watch comes with a 44mm polished steel case which sits on a brown leather strap.

One cool feature of this Panerai is it’s luminosity.

The way this watch glows up in the dark is bonkers. Hence the name Luminor.

So when you like bigger timepieces, I am 100% sure you will love this one.


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