The Best 5 Watches For The 2022 Summer Holidays

So you have got some watches, and they have one thing in common, they can tell you the time. But if you want something that will do more than that, something you can enjoy this whole summer and more afterwards. A watch that will do the job on the beach, during boat rides and will suit your fancy while sitting at a lobster dinner. In this post, I will show you the best five watches you should wear during the summer holidays.

This list is made out of obtainable watches that could be bought by saving up a part of a regular paycheck. So everyone can get their summer watch for this year.

Read on to find out more.

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (Ref: M79030B-0003)

Specifications: Price; $3.370, Case Size; 39mm, Water Resistance; 200m (20bar), Movement; Manufacture Calibre MT5402, Power Reserve; 70hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

Everyone that looks for a good quality but obtainable watch loves Tudor. That’s why the Black Bay 58 is on this list. It’s fantastic quality, good-looking, timeless watch that you can match anywhere with any outfit and still make it work.

Although you could get this Black Bay 58 on a steel bracelet, I recommend you get it with the blue fabric strap. This strap makes the watch look a bit more relaxed and fun. The steel bracelet looks so vintage and original on it. Also a cool look, just not for the summer days.

The watch is a real all-do-er. Take it to the beach, and go dive with it (up to 200m). This one won’t take a scratch from all the elements. So after your summer day activities, you can take it with you for the evening plans.

And if you don’t like the blue dial and bezel. (Which I won’t believe cause blue looks awesome) You can always get the Black Bay in silver/green or black/gold.

Tudor Black Bay 58 Ref: M79030B-0003

Doxa Sub 200 Professional (Ref: 799.10.351.21)

Specifications: Price; $970, Case Size; 42mm, Water Resistance; 200m (20bar), Movement; Automatic ETA 2824-2, Power Reserve; 38hrs, Crystal; Sapphire, Functions; Date.

Doxa is a brand that is loved by the ones who know it. The part of people that do not know Doxa don’t really have anything to say about it than, “Who is Doxa?”. A short history lesson for those people. Doxa was found in 1889 in the Swiss village of Le Locle. “Doxa” is the Greek word for glory. This is what Doxa stands for, quality and value. When getting a watch from Doxa, you can be sure you’re getting both.

This Sub 200 from Doxa will set you back less than a thousand bucks and you’re getting something that feels like a million bucks. My heart got stolen by the orange dial and orange strap configuration. With these colours your wrist will stand out anywhere you will be. The watch can be bought in other variations too, black, white, blue, yellow, white and turquoise.

The Sub 200 is again a watch that will do it all. Its sporty looks are cool for activities while being slick to wear with a regular outfit as well. Again for $970 you are getting quality and value.

The Doxa Sub 200 Ref: 799.10.351.21

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto (Ref: H82505150)

Specifications: Price; $995, Case Size; 43mm, Water Resistance; 300m (30bar), Movement; H-10 Automatic, Power Reserve; 80hrs, Crystal; Sapphire.

Hamilton gets a lot of love for their Khaki Field watches. But they also have plenty of other gems in store. With this Khaki Navy Scuba, you will be ready for a summer at sea. The beloved blue ceramic bezel can withstand any elements like sand and salt water and puts a nautical look to it.

Compared to the other watches this one is for the man that will spend his time in the deep sea and on a boat. I know I said a summer watch should be on a strap but this one looks really good on the stainless steel bracelet. But you can always swap that one for a blue navy strap.

Again for under one grand this is a watch you will wear for more than one summer. And it will last you a lifetime.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Ref: H82505150

Squale Sub-39 Blue (Ref: SUB-39BL.PB)

Specifications: Price; $1.150, Case Size; 40mm, Water Resistance; 300m (30bar), Movement; Sellita SW 200-1 Automatic, Power Reserve; 38hrs, Crystal; Sapphire, Functions; Date.

Another not that well-known watchmaker, Squale. Where at Doxa their slogan was quality and value, Squale has them both too. This brand should get known by more people if you ask me, so I hope this post will help in that mission.

The Squale Sub-39 is a blue watch. I know, but I am sure that a summer watch should be in a recognizable colour. So no black, or steel watches. This one stands out with the deep blue dial and leather strap. Knowing Squale their dials really shine in the sun and light up at night due to the super lume that’s applied on the hour markers and watch hands.

This piece will set you back just above $1.000, but you won’t regret it. You will wear a watch with a heritage and history. A watch that will last you all the summers that will come.

Want to read more about Squale watches? Click here.

Squale Sub-39 Blue Ref: SUB-39BL.PB

Casio G-Shock (Ref: GLX-5600RT-4ER)

Specifications: Price; $99, Case Size; 44mm, Water Resistance; 200m (20bar), Movement; Analog-Digital, Power Reserve; 5years, Crystal; Sapphire.

You always gotta show the best ones at last right? So here you have it. The best watch you could get yourself this summer. Casio has always been this watchmaker where everyone can get a watch from and still get complimented on their choice.

They are not expensive and still will last you for ages. Well if you swap the battery, which will last around 5 years. So for under $100 you can get yourself a watch which will last 5 years at least. That’s what I call quality and value. Doxa cannot be compared to that. (Or can it?)

The watch looks amazing in its orange colour, and all the Dutch holiday friends you’ll meet will love you.

This is just a very cool looking inexpensive watch. And if you don’t have the money saved up for anything else or just want to throw $100. Get this watch.

Casio G-Shock Ref: GLX-5600RT-4ER


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