What Is A Full Set Watch? – The Complete Set Watch

When you look for a watch on the secondary market, you have likely seen advertisements for watches that come as a “full set” or “complete set”.

But what does that mean?

The terms can be understood in a few different ways.

Apart from “watch only” which doesn’t need any specification and “head only” which means just getting the watch with no bracelet or strap, there are a few different states in which you can buy your dream watch.

With Box – So the first state that watches are listed is with the box.

This means you get the watch and the original box that fits it.

An old box won’t do the job, it has to be the correct watch box otherwise you’re getting yourself the “watch only” deal.

This Squale 1545Y Was Purchased As A “Box And Papers”

With Papers – The second state is a watch that comes with the original papers, think of the purchase receipt, warranty and manual.

Again here if someone offers you a with papers watch and only has proof of service with it, it’s not a with papers deal but again a “watch only”.

You need to have the original papers.

With Box And Papers – The watch comes with the right box and original papers.

So again the box has to be original just like the papers.

Not original boxes or seller’s warranty won’t do the job here to make it a box and papers state.

Full Set (Complete Set) – This is the state that everyone wants their dream watch to be in when they make the purchase.

This state includes everything that could have come with the watch when it was bought brand new.

These are the things that could be included when you’re getting a “full set”.

  • Box (Inner and outer box)
  • Original Certificate
  • Warranty Card
  • COSC Hangtag (Chronometer hangtag)
  • Instruction’s Manual
  • Warranty Manual
  • Original Sales Receipt
  • Hangtag
  • Caseback Sticker
  • Bezel Protector
  • Service Records

For some particular watch brands, there are some other things that could be included in a “complete set”.

But these are the things that could come with any brand you desire.

My Full Set Omega Speedmaster Automatic

I hope this guide can help you when purchasing a watch that comes as one of these sets.

You will see the price increase as you’re getting a “full set” instead of a “box and papers” only.

But hey, if it’s a dream that’s coming true that “complete set” won’t disappoint you.


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